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Bulk Charity Christmas Cards Australia


Choose Card

Select from an awesome range of Christmas Cards, Thank you and Birthday Cards!


Pick Charity

More than 90 local and national Charities can be supported!


Customise your Card

Personalise your card with your special message. Include as many logos as you wish! Have fun!

The Gift That Gives Twice

Why did we create It’s simple really - to spread joy, share well-wishes, and give to those that need it the most. We like to think of it like positivity wrapped in positivity, smiles that create even more smiles!

Most people want to give, they want to help, but modern life’s distractions and pace make it challenging. So we made the process of giving easier, by offering you a huge choice of fun, quirky, and cute greeting cards that you can send your family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, or business associates. Every greeting card you buy and/or send, a contribution is made to an amazing local or national charity.

There’s something immensely satisfying when you know that every smile you’ve given with your well-wishes, gives a little bit more.

And we like to think that everything we do goes towards supporting charities within our community, nationally and internationally.

Make it your own

Our priorities are obvious - first, choose the charity you’d like to give to. Then choose your favourite, colourful, festive design. We have tons of greeting card designs so we’re sure you’ll find something that will tickle your well-wishing fancy! Select the quantity you’d like (more is better, trust us, an extra greeting card is always useful! Added benefit? They have amazing shelf-life!). Our library of designs includes Christmas cards, Birthday cards, and Thank You cards, and we are constantly expanding our selection!

Now you can either get cards that are blank on the inside, so you can fill it with your wonderful handwritten wishes or go ahead and personalise them!

Now you get to have fun with your card!

Select a greeting or create your own, add an extra text area, add your corporate logo, clipart, and a photograph and move everything around to your heart’s content. It’s your card, so make it your own!

Finally, save, view your card, and review your order. You can even request a blank sample just to be sure the quality is exactly what you expected.

Charitable Contributions to Date

We are very humbled by the fact that since our founding in 1999 and with the help of our generous, loyal customers, we have contributed over 3,618,000.00 dollars to local, national, and international charities. Working with over 85+ charities and thousands of happy customers we have managed to make this world a little better, and we couldn’t have done it without people like you!

Delivered in just one week

Running a little late during the festive season? Don’t worry, you can get your greeting cards in just one week! We have a lot of little elves running around printing, packing and shipping out orders on a daily basis serving our loyal customers...which reminds me of something else, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Give us a call!

Have any questions or need any help? We are always eager and happy to assist! Give us a call or send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can type. Unfortunately, we have phased out our carrier pigeon operations but we might be able to make an exception.


Our small team started this business in 1999, with the explicit purpose to give as much as possible to those in need. To date, we have worked with dozens of Australian charities, including Amnesty International, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the Australian Red Cross, and many more.

40 cents of every single birthday, Christmas, and thank you card sold on goes to charity. A little can go a long way.

At the moment our customers can contribute to more than 85 amazing charities every time they purchase a greeting card from us.

What started out as a small idea with a big heart, grew to exceed even our wildest expectations. With the help and support of our generous customers, we have managed to give millions to these great organisations!

But our mission isn’t even close to being accomplished, in fact, we like to think that it’s just starting. Yes, we’ve helped a lot of people, but we know we can help even more. That’s where you come in dear customer, because every purchase you make goes to a good cause of your choice.

Show Your Social Responsibility

Do you want a way to show your business’ social responsibility? is a great way for small and medium-size businesses, that don’t have the ability or capacity to set up a perpetual social responsibility program, to say, ‘hey we care too’. Send your customers, business partners, employees, and suppliers beautiful cards, with the charity of your choice proudly displayed.

With the ability to set up personalised messages, add a logo, and professional printing, it can help your business convey its professionalism and most importantly communicate that you and your organisation are passionate about helping others.

Are you an artisan or online seller that sends their crafts and products around the world? Consider for your thank you cards to not only show your appreciation but also that you care about important social issues.

How are contributions used?

We work with some truly wonderful organisations that are active in a multitude of fields. From medical research to human rights and animal welfare, the people that make up these charities are all contributing to a better, brighter future and more humane world.

Some of these people fight hunger like the Foodbank South Australia, some are doing cutting edge research to fight illnesses like the National Breast Cancer Association. We are humbled by the work they contribute and we are elated that we can help them continue this work with what we do.

A Brief History of Greeting Cards

You might be surprised to find out that greeting cards date back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians! It was customary in ancient China to give greeting cards to commemorate the beginning of the New Year. Ancient Egyptian greeting cards were made out of papyrus, which is admittedly fancier than today’s paper cards, but much more difficult to put in a mailbox. In Europe, paper greeting cards became popular in the 15th century and they were given for New Years’ and Valentine’s day.

An Interesting little fact here, the Manchester Metropolitan University has a collection of 32,000 cards that date back to the Edwardian and Victorian period and 450 Valentine’s day cards some dating back to the early 1800s. Who would’ve thought that our great-great-grandparents were so romantic?

Christmas cards became widely popular in the 1850’s due to printing becoming widely available, the invention of the postal stamp and the introduction of more affordable postal rates. And since then billions of 5 dollar notes have been sent in Christmas and birthday cards by grannies across the world to their little snookums (I can’t corroborate that last fact, but it sounds about right doesn’t it?).

Christmas Cards

Season’s greetings, happy holidays, merry Christmas! Let your family, friends, loved ones, and coworkers know you are thinking about them during the jolliest of seasons!

Birthday Cards

Do you have a loved one that has completed yet another full rotation around the sun? Let them know you are happy to have them in your life, with a special and personalised birthday card!

Thank You Cards

Sometimes, you want to give a little more gratitude and a Thank you card that gives to charity too, couldn’t be a better sign of appreciation!


Why should a Business send greeting cards to clients?

Greeting cards are a great way to express emotion and build connections with people as well as businesses that have been part of our journey to success. It is a good practice to send greeting cards to clients and customers to be able to maintain a good relationship with them. Every business needs new clients to keep the company growing. However, keeping the ones that you already have is just as important

As you create new marketing materials and brochures to acquire new clients, you should also take the time to invest with your good old trusted clients too. You can do this with a simple greeting card. Greeting cards can be sent physically or electronically while some prefer using the traditional types of greeting cards. Either of the two, is a friendly approach that will help in growing a long-term good relationship with your clients and customers.

Greeting cards are not just for Christmas or the holidays. You can send thank you cards after closing a big deal with a client or congratulatory cards for partners or customers who recently celebrated an event. In fact, you can always find a reason to send a greeting card to a client to show appreciation and to let them know that you are there to celebrate their successes with them.

Sending greeting cards is also a good practice to stay in touch with your clients regardless of what holiday or occasion it may be.

What do you write on a business greeting card?

In sending business greeting cards to your clients, you need to consider three things - your reason, the design elements of the greeting card, and your message.

Bold color palettes, preferably with designs and colors that are the same as your branding adds a personalized touch to your business greeting cards. It just shows that the greeting card is personalized. Try to make your greeting card stand out from the other greeting cards that they will surely receive from their other clients or partners too.

The next challenge would be creating the message for your card. To be able to create a more meaningful greeting card it would be best to write it yourself. You are the one working with a client, the one who understands your history with them, both the good and the bad. Your message will be more sincere when it is created with these in mind rather than giving the task to someone who has no working relationship with your client.

Only say a message that you believe in and create a custom sentiment. It can be the gratitude that you would like to express after such a client provided you with such an opportunity or after giving you a chance to work again with them. Make your message more genuine.

When should I send my business holiday cards?

Sending business greeting cards, as mentioned earlier, is not limited to the holidays alone. You can always send a greeting card as long as you feel like doing so.

However, most of the common practices that businesses do, is to send business greeting cards during Christmas, New Year, and Australia Day. It is always up to you to decide.

Electronic greeting cards can be sent three to five days earlier. With so many emails a business has to deal with daily, you are not certain how early or how late they would receive your greetings.

For traditional greetings cards sent through a mail service, it would be best to send them 2-3 weeks ahead of the occasion, especially for celebrations like Christmas and New Year. Businesses and clients are usually loaded with gifts and cards during these events so it is a smart idea to send one ahead to avoid the holiday rush.

Since 1999, Charity Greeting Cards has had the pleasure of providing Christmas cards to Charities, Corporate Clients and to printers all around Australia.
Our motto is “Supporting Charities with everything we do!”
So whether you send Birthday cards, a Christmas card or Thank You cards, ours make a difference to the amazing Charities we work with.
We do provide personalised Christmas cards too, and you can include a logo if you choose. On the inside of your Christmas card
or Birthday card we can print in black and white or full colour.
Our minimum order for Corporate Christmas cards is only 50 and we provide a professional and caring service.
You can be sure that a Charity has been supported through the purchase of your Charity Christmas cards.