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Birthday Cards

Birthday Celebration

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB021

Balloon Characters

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB939

Party Time

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB282

Birthday Party

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB032


Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB197


Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB160

Classic Balloon

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB255


Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB136

Party Hats

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB219


Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB149

I'ts Your Birthday

Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB901


Size: 178 x 117mm

Card: EHB183

Please select a Charity you would like to support. Then you can continue with your Card enquiry, order or purchase. Select Charity

Birthday Cards

Consider corporate birthday cards as an annual opportunity to engage with your customers while sending out well-received birthday greetings to individuals who support your company. Corporate birthday cards should be an essential part of your marketing arsenal. Recognising your customers' birthdays is an important aspect of any customer engagement model. The main goal is to nurture and retain the company's existing relationships, as well as bring former clients back into the fold.

Another approach to use corporate birthday cards is to recognise your employees' birthdays, which is important in developing a collegian business culture. Corporate goals such as exceptional customer service, developing a solid long-term brand, and having passionate staff will all emerge organically if the corporate culture is positive.

How Does It Work?

Exclusive bulk birthday cards from Charity Greetings Card are the ideal way to show your appreciation for individuals who make a difference in your organisation. Charity Greeting Cards offers a diverse selection of birthday card designs, allowing you to discover the ideal card to express your feelings. The inside of the card is left blank for personalisation. Choose your favourite design and personalise it according to your preferences. Your corporate logo, text, photographs, can all be included. You can also send an animated and customised e-card online. If you don't see a design you like in our Corporate Birthday Greeting Card Collection, you can choose and personalise any stunning card design to send amazing Birthday wishes. Browse our Birthday Greeting Cards Collection, as well as other categories such as Thank You Cards and amusing animated e-cards to find the design that is perfect for you.

Choose a Charity

Step one is choosing your favoured charity, most individuals want to give and help, but modern life's distractions can make it difficult. We make it easy for you to give by providing you with a large selection of fun, humorous, and cute greeting cards to send to your family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, and business associates. A donation is given to an exceptional local or national charity of your choice for every greeting card you buy and/or send. When you know that every grin you've provided with your well-wishes has given a little bit more, it's incredibly fulfilling.

Why did Charity Greetings Card come into being? It's truly this simple, to promote happiness, send good wishes, and help people who are in need. We like to think of it as positivity wrapped in positivity, with smiles that spread even further!

Choose a Card

Step two is deciding over which card you want to use. Is there someone you care about who has completed another full cycle around the sun? Congratulations, you have the perfect reason to send a birthday message. With a unique and personalised birthday card, you can show them how grateful you are to have them in your life! Birthday celebrations are a nice concept and a perfect excuse to send a lovely invitation to your guests. If you don't see something you like in our specifically designed Birthday category, take a look at our fun and dazzling animated e-cards. You'll find a vast selection of elegantly designed cards created by our skilled designers and illustrators, whose work we adore and enthusiastically recommend. Every card, including the picture or drawing, text, and occasionally photos, has been meticulously crafted and positioned with your needs in mind

Personalise your card and add something extra!

We've investigated and developed the finest way for mailing cards that have the warmth and personality of a handwritten greeting card at a price that's comparable to typical personalisation and postage costs. To apply your message, return address, and recipient address, we employ Charity Greetings Card own proprietary handwriting typefaces. If you’re looking for even more personalisation then you can; Design Your Birthday Card: Select your preferred card design. Use the many greeting options incorporating icons and birthday images to make your cards stand out. Add your text and photographs to your birthday card if you like. In addition, you can create your own animated e-card and send or schedule your digital Birthday greeting cards to arrive at the perfect time. It’s as simple as that!

Why Choose Charity Greeting Cards?

We looked into mechanical pens, different printing technologies, and real individuals who were doing the handwriting and addressing. Our present process was developed based on a cost-benefit analysis for enterprises. To summarise, we've devised a procedure that appears to be highly individualised while remaining cost-effective for mass mailing. Allowing you to send greeting cards to individuals who matter most to your business at a reasonable cost, as well as allowing us to fulfil our purpose of assisting you in putting more love and smiles into the world. Please contact us for additional information on pricing, timing, and the cost of custom corporate greeting cards for your company. Do you have questions, or require assistance? We are always ready and willing to help! Give us a call, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we are no longer operating carrier pigeons, but we may be able to make an exception.


How do birthday cards help retain clients?

One way to keep clients from leaving is by sending them birthday cards. This gesture not only shows that you care about them, but it also helps to keep you top-of-mind. When a person receives a birthday card, it is easy for them to assume that the person who sent it values him as a person. It creates an emotional connection between you and your client. Additionally, birthday cards can serve as a reminder that you're always available to help with any needs they may have.

Sending birthday cards to your clients is also a tactic to help in staying in touch. Whether it's through email, social media, or even a handwritten note, staying in touch shows that you still care about them and their business. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for the business that they have been providing to you. Be more personal with your message. The more sincere your message is, the more likely they will appreciate and remember your gesture.

Finally, you might want to include a special offering or discount for your customer in alignment with their birthday. If you can provide and commit to a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations, they're much less likely to go elsewhere. Additionally, your birthday greeting will offer a balance between building an emotional connection with them while keeping things professional at the same time.

What do you write on a client's birthday card?

Business birthday cards are a wonderful method to stay in touch with customers. This little gesture reminds your business partners that you're thinking about them.

Sending a physical card to your clients is a good way to guarantee that your message isn't lost in a flurry of emails or the dreaded spam folder. It's also more personal than digital communication. As a result, client retention and client participation will improve.

Here are a few tips when writing a message on a client's birthday card:

  • Write with a happy and positive tone to show that you are writing with them in mind. Do not make it feel like a templated birthday greeting for them.
  • Send a birthday greeting in person. A personalized greeting card will not only make the recipient happy, but it will also serve as a reminder to them that you care about them.
  • In the card, address the client by name. You establish a more personal connection by using the customer's first name.
  • Sign the card using your signature. You can make a customized signature from your handwriting for this purpose if you use a greeting card service. This makes the birthday greeting more personal too.
  • Include a birthday offer or call to action, if necessary. This may be a discount coupon or a gentle reminder of your services.

Buy Bulk Birthday Cards Australia

Are you looking to make a difference while sending out birthday cards? Charity Greeting Cards are here to help! Our Bulk Birthday Card service allows customers to purchase a minimum of 50 cards to over 2000! For Every Wholesale Birthday Card purchased 40c are donated to the charity of your choice. We partner with over 70 charities, making it easy for you to select an organisation that resonates with you and your values.

With Charity Greeting Cards, you can further show your commitment to making a difference by customising the cards with your logo and a personal message. Whether it's birthday wishes or appreciation for your customers, we make sure to get the right message across. Not only are you spreading joy through our cards but donating to a great cause!

Time is of the essence at Charity Greeting Cards. Which is why we make sure your Wholesale Birthday card orders arrive on time! That's why we offer fast and reliable shipping services that get your cards to their destination in just one week! So don’t fret about late orders, or delayed shipping, we have a team who work around the clock on a daily basis to make sure you get your cards on time!

Making a difference was never easier, so why not combine your card-giving efforts with Charity Greeting Cards? Contact us today and let us help you make a bigger impact on the world. Together we can create something amazing.

Since 1999, Charity Greeting Cards has had the pleasure of providing Christmas cards to Charities, Corporate Clients and to printers all around Australia.
Our motto is “Supporting Charities with everything we do!”
So whether you send Birthday cards, a Christmas card or Thank You cards, ours make a difference to the amazing Charities we work with.
We do provide personalised Christmas cards too, and you can include a logo if you choose. On the inside of your Christmas card
or Birthday card we can print in black and white or full colour.
Our minimum order for Corporate Christmas cards is only 50 and we provide a professional and caring service.
You can be sure that a Charity has been supported through the purchase of your Charity Christmas cards.