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Animal Welfare League NSW

C/- Charity Greeting Cards, Unit 10, 45-51 Huntley Street
Alexandria, NSW 2015
Telephone: (02) 8305 0500
Fax: (02) 8305 0555
Contact Person: Neill Rudansky

A Partnership between the Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW and Charity Greeting Cards
* All Orders Fulfilled by Charity Greeting Cards
* 40c per card is donated to the Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW
* Overprinting is available for orders of 50 cards or more

Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW is a registered charity and has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for over 60 years.

AWL operates 2 animal shelters, a veterinary clinic and has a network of 14 branches of active volunteers across the state that work in their local community to provide a discount desexing program and education on animal welfare issues.

AWL also has a team of full time inspectors, that are authorised to investigate allegations of animal cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

It is an aim of AWL to match adoptable animals in our care with the lifestyle of potential owners, this ensures ‘forever homes’ and importantly helps to prevent animals being re-surrendered to us or other animals groups. All animals adopted by AWL are temperament tested, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped (including lifetime registration), wormed and are on flea prevention.

Animal Welfare League NSW relies on the generosity and support of the community to continue our vital work into the future.

Tel 8899 3333 Web

History of The Salvation Army in New South Wales

The Salvation Army, a worldwide Christian charitable organisation, has a long and impactful history in New South Wales. Established in 1880, the movement began its mission to support vulnerable individuals and communities. Through decades of dedication, The Salvation Army has become a cornerstone of support for those in need, making a significant difference in countless lives.

Early Beginnings in New South Wales

The early efforts were focused on providing essential services like food, shelter, and spiritual support to those in dire situations. With a commitment to social welfare, the organisation quickly expanded its reach, establishing numerous centres across the state. These initial efforts laid the groundwork for what would become a vast network of aid and support. The focus was always on addressing the immediate needs of individuals while also providing a pathway to a more stable and fulfilling life.

Growth and Development

Throughout the 20th century, The Salvation Army grew significantly. It introduced various programs addressing issues such as homelessness, poverty, and addiction. Its presence also became a vital part of the community, providing relief during economic hardships and natural disasters. 

The growth was marked by the opening of new facilities and the launch of specialised programs aimed at specific challenges faced by the community. This period of expansion increased the reach of The Salvation Army and enhanced its ability to offer comprehensive support services to the evolving needs of society.

Modern-Day Initiatives

In the present day, it continues to evolve its services to meet contemporary challenges. The organisation operates numerous facilities, including shelters, rehabilitation centres, and community support programs. Its efforts are directed towards holistic support, addressing both immediate needs and long-term recovery. 

Programs such as job training, financial counselling, and youth services are integral parts of their approach. The aim is to empower individuals to regain their independence and improve their quality of life. The modern-day initiatives reflect a deep understanding of the complexities of social issues and a commitment to providing effective, compassionate assistance.

Partnership with Charity Greeting Cards

A notable partnership exists between The Salvation Army and Charity Greeting Cards. This collaboration ensures that for every order fulfilled, 40 cents per card is donated to support The Salvation Army's initiatives.

This partnership helps sustain the various programs and services provided by the organisation. It’s a meaningful way for the community to contribute to the charity’s mission. By purchasing these greeting cards, individuals and businesses can support The Salvation Army's ongoing efforts to help those in need. 

Supporting Through Salvation Army Christmas Cards

During the festive season, purchasing Salvation Army Christmas cards is a meaningful way to contribute. Overprinting is available for orders of 50 cards or more, allowing for personalised messages. Each purchase directly aids the charity, ensuring continued support for those in need.

The Salvation Army Christmas cards are a way to spread holiday cheer and make a tangible difference in the community. The proceeds from these sales are channelled into various programs, providing essential services and support to individuals and families during the holiday season and beyond.

The Legacy and Future of The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's legacy is marked by its unwavering dedication to helping others. Through its history, growth, and partnerships, it remains a pillar of support for countless individuals. By engaging in their initiatives, such as purchasing Christmas cards, everyone can contribute to their ongoing mission. The story of The Salvation Army is one of compassion, resilience, and continuous service to humanity.

Spread Joy and Make a Difference Today!

Ready to support a great cause while spreading holiday cheer? Contact Charity Greeting Cards now to purchase your Salvation Army Christmas cards. With each card, you contribute to The Salvation Army’s mission of helping those in need.

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Since 1999, Charity Greeting Cards has had the pleasure of providing Christmas cards to Charities, Corporate Clients and to printers all around Australia.
Our motto is “Supporting Charities with everything we do!”
So whether you send Birthday cards, a Christmas card or Thank You cards, ours make a difference to the amazing Charities we work with.
We do provide personalised Christmas cards too, and you can include a logo if you choose. On the inside of your Christmas card
or Birthday card we can print in black and white or full colour.
Our minimum order for Corporate Christmas cards is only 50 and we provide a professional and caring service.
You can be sure that a Charity has been supported through the purchase of your Charity Christmas cards.